My Sister and Her Friend

Well something almost embarrassing happened… my sister came over one day and found my video camera laying on the table in the living room. She grabbed the camera and asked “What have you been recording?” and then in a slow motion matrix style act I’m thinking “Nooooooooooo!” but trying to be cool and she’s going “Cliiiiiiiiiiiick” on the power button. Too bad it was out of battery! Thank God! This is no time for a heart to heart talk with my sister about my sleeping sex fetish.

Anyway she put the camera down like it’s no big deal and I was acting cool about everything. She started to tell me about an old friend of hers from high school that’s lusting after me. I remember her, she was on the football cheerleading team and now she’s starting college.

I called her up and we got to chatting. I asked her out right away and she said yes of course. We went out and a date and the drinks were flowing. One conversation lead to another and sooner than later I discovered she loved to get kinky. We setup this role playing scenario – she had a bad break the other week and wanted me to check on her later in the evening. What ever happens after that, well it just happens, she said.

Well, I checked on her and she was out like a light. I brought my camera to film the events. After a few minutes I got brave, decided what the hell, and pulled out my cock. I was going to rub it in her face but she started sucking it. I bent her over and started fucking her doggy style… but then things got weird. She called out her boyfriends name, WHAT!? So I did what any true trooper would do, I busted a nut I got the hell out dodge…

passed out girl on the couchfilming some panty actiondropping a load of cum on her assrunning away to not get busted

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