Sleeping Mom

Are you ready for an ultimate night invasion adventure? Here it goes! So this was another case of mistaken identity and I think it was a setup. I had been back and forth with this chick for a month or more and I even staked out the place for a while. I knew when she was going to be home and I studied her every move. So I show up a little later than expected one night and start my surveillance. I see an older woman and I figure is her mom because I heard her say she still lives at home.

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mature woman in a night gownsleeping mom

Night Invasionsleeping milf with my cock in her face

What the hell, sometimes you just have to go for it! I go inside and there’s no sign of the girl I was planning on, so well I was there already… why not? LOL! Now I did take video and even got as far as the cum shot. You can see the entire Night Invasion video here.